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Early United States Dimes 1796-1837
by Davis, Logan, Lopvejoy, McCloskey and Subjack

A wonderful reference of the early dimes of the United States. A complete die by die analysis is included in excellent detail, with wonderful photos. Hardbound, 7" x 10", and over 280 pages. Cross-reference charts are included. A must for any serious collector. Hard Bound.


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The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Dimes
by Brian Greer

Greer is a highly recognized specialist in the Seated Liberty series, and his work with the dimes in this volume is priceless! Detailed history of the series, a date-by-date analysis, values, and varieties are all included. 185 pages, 8-1/2 x 11



The Complete Guide to Mercury Dimes
by David W. Lange 2nd Edition

To date this is THE book on the subject. Written in typical David Lange fashion, this book is loaded with details other authors wouldn't think to include. This book is complete with a detailed date-by-date analysis, a history of the series, lots of well illustrated varieties, counterfeit detection and grading chapters and a titillating "Gallery of Errors." If you enjoy the Mercury dime series, you need this book!
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Treasure Hunting Mercury Dimes
by John Wexler and Kevin Flynn

Until now there has been no reference covering a sizable number of Mercury dime varieties. This reference combines the expertise of John Wexler and Kevin Flynn and is divided into three sections: How Die Varieties are Made, Doubled Dies, and Repunched Mintmarks. With over 55 doubled, 50 repunched mintmarks and over 350 photographs, attribution of your Mercury dime varieties should be easier than ever! This is a very under rated and highly unexplored series which Wexler and Flynn have studied for years to bring you this book. Values are given for all varieties covered in this book which we feel is a must for all serious Mercury dime collectors as well as all die variety enthusiasts. 120 pages, 8-1/2 x 11 Spiral Bound